We are a Passionate Team and
We Love To Create Fabrics

A team that has been doing its job in the sector for more than 30 years but with the passion of the first day.
We make a difference in the ready-to-wear sector by listening to you, providing you with the right analysis and appropriate solutions to your strategies with our fast returns. We create special strategies according to different cultures and traditions, turn them into products and present our signature designs with Spring-Summer, Autumn-Winter, Transition and Party collections throughout the year.


We take the expectations of our business partners to the next level by offering flexibility in production and perfect quality. We specialize in printed and plain fabrics, viscose, viscose mixtures, cotton, linen, polyester, and tencel fabrics, while adhering to the principles of productivity, sustainability, environmentally friendly production.


Fashion, which we see as the reflection of existence, is our most important passion that we transform into discovery and the result of our creativity. We develop our designs according to trends with colors, fabrics and patterns of the next season, together with our business partners.


The importance of our original ideas on the printing, which we apply with different techniques and technologies, is equivalent to the quality of our fabrics. We attach importance to our design and R&D department to work together for printing.